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Re: She's been naughty again

Originally Posted by Just_Nick View Post
If people have to "know how to read it," your writing is the problem and your English is not "fine." Period. So, if you expect help and answers from others... fix your post. No one here is going to go out of their way to read that nonsense, so don't expect everyone to change for you.
Originally Posted by 750Squidiot View Post
Next time do a google search or ask a real question that you not wasting peoples time for this site is for tricky things not "google this for me".
Also not sure your laws but here in AZ thats criminal speeding and possibly reckless driving. Might wanna consult and attorney if thats the case.
Momma used to say there would always be a couple of bad apples in the basket. Don't need that kind of help, thank you very much.
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