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Re: She's been naughty again

Originally Posted by beathiswon View Post
To answer the question each State/County/City has different penalties for going (90mph?). Call your local court, ask a traffic lawyer, google for fines in your area, etc., etc. Also can depend on your past ticket history and possibly past brushes with the law and traffic conditions when you were ticketed. Good luck.
Thank you! Not entirely what I was looking for but at least it addresses the subject of the post!

I haven't had a ticket on a motorcycle since the early 1980's & that one wasn't even a moving violation. The cop estimated my speed at 90-100 but clocked the truck I was following @ 88. Location was a lonely divided highway way out in the middle of nowhere and traffic was sparse (closest vehicle to me, the cop & my lead was near a mile ahead of us.

I'm hoping to get a first offense break but judges can be rather stern here in Texas. Last ticket of any kind that I had was 15+ years ago and that was in a pickup doing 10 over the limit, again out in the middle of nowhere.

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