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Re: Luggage for GSXR1000R L7

Yeah, but I'm with you, having bought a L7 yesterday, I was then faced with a moment of hmmmm...
I have a Kriega US20 which is a banging piece of luggage and good for long weekend/a week touring.
I'm south of UK and also do the Wales or into Europe trips like you and frankly - I don't want to cough up for more stuff.

I don't like wearing backpacks because it forces weight forward and after a few hours you really start to feel it - even with the psychobabble design of a kriega 'riding backpack'. Instead I like my gear to be on the bike - not on me.

I think you can get the straps in around the sub-frame but it does mean taking the rear off, I'm debating on doing it whilst I sort out the tail tidy job seeing as it all has to come off for that.

The other option I am looking at is the Kriega tank adapter, but I'll be damned if I can figure out where the velcro stickies would go to fix it on the underside. I really want to avoid yet more money on gear just for a magnetic tank bag that probably wont fit jeans and trainers in let alone anything else.
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