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Re: Should I sell my K6 GSXR 1000??

Originally Posted by oldgixxer View Post
So after reading your last reply,smart money would be to forget the 1070 for the K6....Since your ultimate goal is to run RST,I'd decide if you want to go with a Gen1/Gen2 Busa,and then decide if you want to go nitrous or turbo.

Both will be capable of running the number for RST,both will be very expensive,& both set-up's have advantages/disadvantages. Before you start your build,find a good shop/builder/tuner that you can trust and develop a relationship with as this will help you tremendously in the future.

Don't cut any corners during the build,spend top dollar on the best parts(no chinese eBay shit) and make sure your builder knows your rwhp expectations so there is no confusion/time/money wasted. Build it right from the get-go and save yourself a lot of frustration. If your budget allows,build an identical back-up engine which would be a exact duplicate of your main engine. That way when(not if) you toast your engine at an event,you're still able to compete without having any downtime;which can be significant during the racing season as most builders are swamped with their own race schedules,etc.

Make sure you build the bike following the IDBL rulebook for RST,this will save you thousands of dollars by not having to build your bike twice. You can easily dial back the power for Crazy 8s,and having the same set-up will allow you to get used to the bike while you get experience&seat time.

Almost forgot,if you don't have one already you'll need a good sized enclosed trailer,fully equipped with tools,spare parts,etc. And a good reliable tow vehicle

Good luck
Thanks great advice as always makes perfect sense to me. You even brought up somethings I hadn't thought of yet like a trailer and to stock spare parts. I do have a Chevy c1500, but I also own a few semi trucks maybe I could convert a 20ft refrigerated container into a mini shop . I really like the Gen 2 Busa so I'll get one of those.
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