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Re: First Race - WET Race, any tips?

When the tarmac is black, haul butt in the straights. If I play in the rain with street tires, eclipse 268km before I ran out of room?
When the track is wet like a pond or puddle, go faster than the guy in front and pass him. S/he's going slow, trust me.
When the weather changes so is the new animal on the track so sit upright and remain in a balanced drift no lift. Smooth is key.
When the feet are off the pegs some and those are now your feelers, I don't know? Make the instinct kick in. Hard to describe.
When the thought comes back, I would not run in the main without a fresh front or stay home.
When the turtle speaks and you windup like your buddy is pay for the tire then or don't listen to experience.
When the front washes and the back slides up the wall, that meat better be curled up; balls and all... or be the backmarker.
When the headgame is all about winning or don't even show up no matter the conditions, you are about to he-haw more or less.
When the zipper goes up, bring your game up to 100% or at least there.
When the trophy is sitting there on the mantle, you took their 100% game or you'll regret it for the rest of your life is you'd be surprised how fast you can really fly in the wet.

NOLTT (never over lean taking trophy)
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