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Re: Brakes locking up when riding? New LEVERS? Read here PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!

My buddy was having this issue or his L2 750. Dealer couldn't figure out what it was. Didn't know if it was MC, new core Moto brake lines, or what. After 2 weeks of trying to figure out what the issue was, they finally figured it out. When my friend was installing his core Moto brake lines, he accidently dropped his front brake lever on the ground. When this happened it actually bent the little arm on the stock lever that almost wraps around MC. This was causing brake to slightly stay on, building pressure and eventually locking up.
This happened twice while riding w him. We were doing about 30mph thru town when he said he felt bike slowing down and he wasn't on brakes. All of a sudden I see the bike endo alittle and stop. So I'm like what the heck, he said brakes just locked up and bike wouldn't move. Thank god he had a wrench on him so we cracked banjo bolt at MC to release the pressure and brake fluid squirted out. This released brakes and pressure within lines. This happened once more before taking it to shop. So, just be careful not only can bad levers cause brakes to lock up, a bent one can too...

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