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Re: This Sunday (Every Other Sunday Ride!) 12/09/2012

Originally Posted by 1/4milecrazy View Post
I was trying to point out that there is no way of determining where this ride is taking place.

What STATE or even COUNTRY is this in? You don't even have a city listed.

Just so you know for next time, you could either post in the regional sections, to attract more people in your area. No need for me to know about this ride considering it 3000 miles away from me. You could also put the City or County in the title to attract locals.

I know if I saw a ride listed, properly, in the North East section of the forum that said Union County NJ in the title I would definitely look more into it.

It's an internet forum, they are really not that hard to figure out.

Start with these 2, if you need any more help

go here: It really helps when it comes to internet stuff.

Point well taken. I am new to this.

Thanks! Chris.
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