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Cool Heroic Gloves Contest - Graves / YWeRide

I've been working on a project called YWeRide for a while with some partners and a good friend of mine Todd @ Heroic. He also does some stuff on occasion with us at Graves Motorsports and we came up with this contest to win some $$$$ gloves.

First go to the link below:

The key is to like the facebook page then post stories and pictures about Why YOU Ride! The winner will be selected on April 15th by a panel of 4 people including myself, Chuck Graves, Todd @ Heroic and Bryan Andrews. The best story collectively selected from the group wins

The winner gets a free set of a custom YWeRide livery Herioc pro gloves! So get to it.

Everyone that has ever ridden a motorcycle rides for his or her own specific reasons. Some ride to clear their minds, others to get to work, some ride for a living and many ride for the passion. Why do you ride? -

-Shane McCoy Graves Motorsports
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