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HOW TO POST A PHOTO ...a quick guide

people are always asking others to "post an image of your bike" and they might not know how

I did this quick "how-to" for another forum I'm on...if people find it useful i can update it to images of GSXRs


1) the photo needs to have its own web address(a "URL" is what they call those) it looks like this in a web browser: the image is the only thing on that web page

2) you need to select and right click to copy that URL:

3) and then you can use the handy message formatting buttons along the top of this forum's reply text box to "insert image":

4) which opens this easy to use dialog box:

5) right click and paste the URL in there, and click "OK":

6) it will wrap "image tags" on the URL and place it in your message so that it looks like this:

7) and when you post or preview your message that will turn into just the image in your message looking like this:

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Re: HOW TO POST A PHOTO ...a quick guide


but here is the deal with using your own photos:

with the example image I used above of the headlight, I just used Google images to find a picture that already was on the internet, so it already had an "URL" web address....but the photos you have taken with your digital camera and have saved on your computer are not on the internet yet, and thus don't have a URL do that you have to "upload" them to a image file hosting site, which will assign them a URL and share them on the internet so that everyone can see them

there are a lot of easy to use free photo hosting sites out there, the one I use all the time is just:

1) if you click that link you will see a web page that looks like this:

..I guess you could sign up for an account and everything...but I never bother to do any of that, usually i just want to post a random picture or two, and seldom need access to a whole saved portfolio of a library of my past uploaded photos or whatever

2) so I just click the "browse" button to find the photo on my computer I would like to have a URL for, select, open, and click "upload"

3) you might get a "captcha" challenge, where you have to type the hard to read words to prove you are human, and click "upload now" there to start the file transfer to the internet web host
...use the "get new captcha" button till you find one you can read...

4) once your photo has uploaded, you will get a page with different types of links to it, along with a small preview of which photo those links go to that you uploaded:

the first link "HTML for Websites" in formatted in the code that websites are done in....I doubt you are writing code, so skip that one

the next link "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" is the type of link that works here, and it actually already has those image tags on it, so you can just copy and paste that one right in to your message here, and don't have to use the "insert image" text formatting buttons as I described above

the third link "URL for E-Mail & IM" will go to a tinypic web page with your image on it...I never need that one

the last link "Direct Link for Latouts" is the type of link I talked about above, where it will just give you your image alone on a web page, and then you can use the thingy to put image tags on it you can click that link without image tags to see its just the image by itself on a web page

5) and then I can have my photo in my posted message if I use the image tags

...not too painful at all

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Re: HOW TO POST A PHOTO ...a quick guide

Or, as long as it is a SFW photo, you can click the paper clip at the top of the reply box (not quick reply) and use our uploader

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here is how to do that

use the "Post Reply" button

and click on the 'paper clip' to "Manage Attachments"

use one of the "Choose File" buttons to 'browse' your computer for your photos

select your photo and click open

the name of your photo will show here, and you can select more images(max of 5), then "Upload"

your image has now uploaded, and is shown here, you can now 'close that window'

and it now has its own "URL"

now when you click the 'paper clip' you will see your photo ready for your post, click its name

and it will "attach" a code that goes to your uploaded file

then if you 'post your reply' or 'preview', your image will show...

...just like this
Click image for larger version

Name:	5432.jpg
Views:	428
Size:	63.2 KB
ID:	176832

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Re: HOW TO POST A PHOTO ...a quick guide

Now post your photos of your bike next to yaddaa yadda in the Bike Picture game and please dont forget to visit the mummy at
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Hot linking

oh, if this is gonna be a sticky, someone might want to know how to "hot link"

ever see anyone post photos really cool like this(as an example):
..well eBay sucks for getting "hot links" that might not be the best example...but still its really cool when someone does it because now I dont even have to click the link to see what they are talking about, as they are already showing me an image of what is in the link

"hot linking" is really great for when you have seen a photo on another web site and just want to share that here...but some sites dont allow it, and others make it hard to do...but almost all images you will see on most web site will have their own "URL" and can be opened in their own window, and thus 're-posted' on here

say for example I wanted to show someone what a 2007 GSX-R750 looked I wanted them to see an image from this web site:

..yeah they might click the link, they might not, heck even if they did they might not look at the right year, or the particular color scheme i was thinking maybe just best if I can get away with 'hot-linking' and lifting an image off that site and posting it here...

...with that site I can just click any bike image and it opens in its own window, then I can copy the image URL and use the "Insert Image" to add the nessary tags to make it display in my post, or add the URL as an image attachment, and there it is; "a picture is worth 1,000 words" right?

other sites might not be that easy...hmmm like this one: matter how many times or where i click on that picture, nothing happens...oh but if I 'right click' I might be able to 'save image as' and download it to my computer(then re-host it as above) or even just get the URL

so I just "copy image URL"
add IMG tags or use it as an attachment in my post...

....and here is my "hot link"

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Re: HOW TO POST A PHOTO ...a quick guide

or if an image already exists on the web, for ex. and you search for "caturday"

click on any photo (as it will already be hosted by some third party, because you can see it...)

copy that url, paste it between these img tags: [i m g]________[/ i m g] without the spaces. and viola
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HOT LINKING ... continued

...above, that was using Google Chrome web browser...but with other browsers you might not get a right-click menu like that with the "copy image URL"...or other websites(like eBay) might not make it so easy to get the image you can try finding the link to the image by viewing "page source"
here is another web page that I'll use Microsoft's Internet Explorer on

right clicking gives this menu, and I click on "View source"

that shows me all the "HTML code" the web page is written in...somewhere in there I will find the image URL

I will select it(without the " " marks) then right click and copy

I might want to test that image URL in its own window of a browser to see if it will open and is the right image I'm after

then I can add the IMG tags or list it as an attachment which will make pictures show on this forum in my post

Yay !
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How to make an avatar !!!!

yes, you have seen people with a cool little photo under their name
<< those are "Avatars" and they are helpful to recognize your posts and give you some personal identity here on the forums

here is how to get one

over on the top right side of the forum window is a "Site Navigation" box of links
...find the "User CP" and click that, it will go to Your Control Panel page and then there on the right under Settings & Options find "Edit Avatar"

select the "Use Custom Avatar" click bubble

now you will need a good photo to use ...if you don't have any, you might use Google Images and find one to download and save to your computer, or have someone take a picture of you sitting on your bike and transfer that off the digital camera to your Pictures library
.... when you look thru your pictures as 'thumbnails' keep in mind that if the image is hard to make out like that(and only looks good large size) it wont 'read' well as a small will want a 'bold' image, with little background clutter, and the subject pretty much the one main thing filling the frame

once you find one that might work, you will have to edit the photo to reduce its size, as basic forum members only get a max of 96x96 pixels for an avatar(which is a small little postage stamp size of image) select it, right click on it, and use "Open with", and I'm just going to use Microsoft's "Paint" for a simple image editor

really cut the photo down to just the main I used "Select" to draw a box around only the best part of my picture to get rid of any unneeded background that would just make the subject smaller in its little frame...then clicked on "Crop" to cut that wasted space out...make every pixel count!!

you can see down at the bottom that the picture is way too big for an avatar

next you need to 'shrink' the picture way down in on "Resize"

- in that "Resize and Skew" dialog box, change from By "Percentage" to "Pixels" so you can pick the exact size to make the avatar
- select whichever is the biggest dimension of your image ... if its taller vertical or wider horizontal, it will show as the larger number of pixels
- make that "96" pixels ...and the other dimension will change too(as Maintain aspect ratio will do that for you) it will also have to be 96 pixels or less...then click "OK" to apply the new size and make your picture tiny to work as an avatar

use the 1) drop down menu of Paint to 2) Save as 3) select .JPEG file format 4) rename and finally 5) save
... remember where you saved it and what you named it, but the deal here is that you might not want to permanently shrink the image you started with, so you will want to give it a new name for this avatar file you are making

now back in the forum's Custom Avatar option box...
1) click on "Choose File" to browse your computer 2) select the file you made 3) and "Open"

last thing you have to do is "Save Changes" and then you can go look at an old post you made, or when you make a new one, your Avatar should be showing under your name!!!

I think with these forums, they might shrink uploaded images down to the right avatar size for you...but i prefer to do it myself, so I can crop the image how I want it, and possibly get the quality alittle better when you have so few pixels to work with, knowing that my chosen image will look good edited down to 96x96 pixels when done on my computer...sometimes things will lose definition in spots when the pixel count is reduced, and you can crop the image differently, even moving it off center slightly, and that can help where the pixels are lining up to give a clearer image...this might be most noticeable if you use text in your avatar

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