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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

I think everybody who knows someone that will become a rider should direct him or her to this post.Ive known people in which they bypassed the consequences,And ended up with a big dawgs bike.Conclusion is the bike being destroyed,and rider severely hurt. GREAT POST!
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Thanks for all the info... this will really help me in deciding my first bike
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Wow great write-up man. I'm looking to get into motorcycle riding, but I'm going to do a shitload of reading up on things before I go buying anything. I'll check into that SV-650 as well. I don't really care what bike I get as a first bike really. I've already accepted the fact that I'm going to lay it down at some point, so I don't want to bang-up a nice new bike. Thank you.

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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Glad I found this site certainly learning alot.

Oh and don't let Dave88LX get near your cars!!
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

I've had my SV650S for a year and It's pretty hard to drop one. I haven't dropped mine yet.

Wen't riding in the twisties recently and the TL1000R and my SV were kicking a$$ and taking names. We had to wait for 1K4s every time. Of course it was the other way around on the freeway going home.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Just wanted to add to the posts so far and say great write-up, along with the other one's that are stickies.

I've been reading through all of the them the past few days and those posts alone have made me think about my decision to get a sport bike and what I want to start out with.

Right now I'm a cadet at the US Air Force Academy and while enrolled here, one of the rules is that we cannot own/maintain/ride a motorcycle of any kind. When I first heard that I could only think of how stupid a rule it was. But the more enlightened I get, I realize how necessary of a rule it is, the Air Force doesn't really want to waste money on someone for 4 years only for them to get mangled/killed on a motorcycle.

Once I graduate, however, one of my first major purchases will be a sport bike of some kind. Now before anyone gets any ideas, let me be the first to say I"m not going for the Tom Cruise "Top Gun" look, I'm not doing it just to be cool or try to get the girls or try to fulfill the "fighter pilot" look. I race cars and love the speed and adrenaline and want to take it a step further. I've been reading all of the sport bike magazines for some time now, trying to learn as much as I can. I've never ridden a motorcycle before other than a friends old moped. But I have no aspirations of jumping on a bike, riding for "600 miles" and saying, "hey, this is cool, this bike is just right for me, I'm not in over my head." I know the dangers associated with the sport, but with the lifestyle I'm entering into I'm accustomed to risks and danger, its a matter of rationalizing and accepting the risks. The way I see it, if you can't accept the risks that come along with riding any kind of motorcycle, you shouldn't own one.

Going along with the advice of many of the experienced riders on here, I've been eyeing the SV650 quite a bit. I saw one here on base the other day and was hoping to talk to the rider some, but I never saw anyone around. I realize that by the time I'm ready to get a bike there may be better options out there, but so far, from everything I've seen, that seems to be the bike for me. On another note, one of the advatages of owning a bike in the military is the Academy offers a safety course above and beyond the MSF that some many of you have talked about. I will definitely enroll in that when the time comes.

So basically, in a long winded way, just wanted to say thank you for the great wealth of information and insight here. I just wish many other new riders would heed the advice and not get in over their heads.

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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

About a week ago I went out and bought my first bike....a GSX-R 750....and two days later, I find this site. After reading the stickies on tips for new riders, I'm kind of kicking myself in the ass for buying this bike. Maybe should have gone with something smaller. So far the bike has not left my garage after my friend brought it home from the dealer for me. I'm waiting to take the basic riding course next week before I even think of taking it out to a parking lot. And even when I'm in the lot, I'm not rushing to get out into the street with it. I paid a lot of cash for this bike and I plan on keeping it in good shape and enjoying it.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

In 2000 my first bike was a 91 Katana 750 and it had lost some power when I got it. Put 28k miles on it and I'm glad that it was my first bike even though it was a little heavy, it didn't have the power to spare like the normal Rs. I had also taken the MSF course before I got my first bike. That made a lot of difference.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

- thats why im getting the GSX-R 1000 as my SECOND bike after only 400 miles of riding experience on my first bike (which was a 750) HI CHIP!
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

First bike was and is still the 2003 Sixxer... i believe if you can control the throttle (2 stroke dirt bikes), and you have enough common sense to know that you cannot, i repeat cannot show off on these then you will be fine. Start on a smaller bike and work your way up... the liter bikes will always be there. "Stay Safe and Enjoy the Ride" - MSF class Carrollton, TX
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

SV-650 is a great starter bike, and what's more, It's hell of a lot of fun for a veteran rider. Less power but I don't miss it as much when I ride one, just because of the ... light torquey attitude it has. Remember it will still kick a sportscars ass.

If you do get a GSXR for your first bike, get the 600 and be happy. Lots of 1000 guys have 600's for their second bikes and ride them more often....
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

You are so right!! This should be posted at every bike shop in town.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Coming from sunny old portsmouth in England i had to go through the long ladder of progression,i think its F crazy that an unexperienced rider in America can go out and buy a Gsxr1000 orR1 having maybe just a few lessons on his mates,50cc moped with go faster stripes.i had a right laugh starting on a small bike,and working my way up,learning about different aspects of motorcycling,the temptation is to great though,motorcross is a good way of understanding the power and how to use it,when i was 16 board of borrowing my dads fz50 i brought a 490 yz two stroke to take off road,blew me FKIN mind as well as throwing me off the back each time i rode it,Gsxr1000 owner tuned,harris pipe,spectraflair paint,
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

SVS said:

Another factor restricting bikes (and cars for that matter) is the high tax on vehicles. A new GSX-R 600 for example costs 165,000 DKK ~ 25,400$!!! On top of that comes prices on fuel (about 5$/gal) and ensurance.

By this post I want to say two things:
1: You Americans have, to say the least, pretty loose legislation when it comes to who can ride which bikes - you decide whats the better solution, and
2: Don't complain about your prices!!!

I will never complain again!!!!!!!!
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

That's all good advice. I remeber when I bought my first bike (F4). I thought it was real fast and all the other 20 year olds where laughing at me. Well needless to say most of them wrecked, and I just sold my bike to get a new Gixxer 600. I have a buddy with a 929 who can;t even see me unless we're in a straight line.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Its tough to learn how to ride with a 600 for any learning beginner. MSF trains you with a 250cc motorcycle. I learned without taking the MSF but thats just me. Others have different ways of learning. You can buy a bike and get some one to teach you or you can take the MSF course. A GSXR600 is actually pretty strong for a first bike. Any bike thats chosen, just becareful newbies.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

I learned how to ride on a Gixxer 600. I purchased the bike and didn't know how to ride. I learned on my own by reading books, magazines, the owners manual, and anything and everything that had anything to do with motorcycles. I also received a few tips from friends that have been riding for years. It was tough at first cuz I was nervous and a little scared of the bike. I took it slow and at my own pace until I felt comfortable riding. I have been riding for 2 years now and love it. I think a 600 is more than enough to have as a first bike. Whatever bike you start on, it all comes down to being responsible on it.
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

hi, new here......lotta of good reading here at the forum.

I will say this.....I learned on dirtbikes, because real men do it in the dirt!
But there is far more road than trail by far.

Steet is a whole new ball game & I would have been soooooooo ticked off had I settled for the 750.

I knew the GSXR1000 was the bike for me due to my love for the CR500 (dirt) my friend owned when I had a measily 125

passed the drivers test on the 1000 too...doh!
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

Devilman u r a nut! LMAO!
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Re: The First Bike Topic.........

I have to agree... I just traded in my first bike for a GXSR 600... My first bike was a 2003 SV650. I have always wanted a GXSR... but I knew it was more than I needed the first time around.... and now after driving the GXSR.. I am extremely happy that I learned on the SV650 first.. (and those SV's can keep up trust me on this)...

Good write up!
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