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Re: Clutch switch, removed?

Bit more reading and found this on another site, my bike is an 09.

As an update, this configuration does not work with a 2011 GSXR75. This specific relay has a drop out of >=1.2v and a pick up of <=7.2v. On my starter wire when the bike is running it has roughly 3.5v on that wire creating an always closed switch and therefore leading to the limp fuel map. This could be a specific problem to my bike, however I doubt it since I bought this bike with 300 miles on it and it had almost nothing done to it other then a windscreen and fender eliminator kit. If it is getting its volts back fed from somewhere else I'd be surprised and wouldn't even be sure where to start to trace that... Seems to me if I could find an automotive relay with a drop out of 5v and a Pick up of 10v I'd be golden.

Any suggestions would be appreciated since this configuration seems to work for many people here.
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