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Re: Clutch switch, removed?

Thanks for the data JK750. It's a little hard to judge from the surface plots, but it does seem like the neutral maps might have more advance in certain areas that would tend to cancel the retardation introduced in the group 1 maps, with respect to the group 3 maps.

Incidentally, since the matter of maps came up (sorry for the slight hijacking OP), I was wondering what other maps have groups and particularly which have differences between the groups, or, in other words what engine control parameters are affected by gear? For instance, do the STVA maps change between gears?

Also, looking at the maps, I have formed the hypothesis, that those regions of almost 90 advance, which furthermore develops very suddenly, must correspond to fuel cutoff, as that's the only case I can think of, where so much advance would be tolerable. Do you think that's likely?
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