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Track Budget

Im in the process of figuring how to split money for next years track season. Never done track only before but I want to next year. I want a sort of plan as to how Im gonna spend my money. Its $200 per trackday. Right now Im planning on a $1700 budget. I want to buy a suit and gloves. I have tires that have only one td on them(my first ever). They should last several more days if not the whole season yes? So Im thinking spend 700 max on gear and that will leave me 4 trackdays and the rest for fuel and gas and other piddly stuff.

Im wondering if any of you more experienced trackgoing folk have advice, or input on costs that may come up, or things I should have money set aside for.

Also, I know its not really proper to ask what people spend on things, but if you are comfortable doing so feel free to give a little breakdown on how much you spend and what for per year. Also, how many td's you attend will be very helpful

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Re: Track Budget

find one of ur friends that u can go to the track with, to split the costs of gas, lodging, food, garage/electricity and tolls.

also-if u dont mind-1st try buying 2nd hand gear-to see which brand will fit u the best, at least that's how i ended up starting(gear wise)

to me-tires is one of the most important investments u can make when ur doing trackdays-so a big part of ur budget will go to tires. also-depending on how meticulous u are with changing ur oil, u will also save a little of ur budget for that. I know guys that change their oil after 3 or 4 trackdays. Me-i stretch it out to 5

as for trackdays themselves-i usually just pay for them when i know i can go. Some guys pay for it all in advance-but I like to look at the weather and my work schedule b4 i do anything Also-that depends what td organization u become a member of, i ride mostly with TPM and joined their full throttle membership.

hope this helps man-if u have any questions-just shoot me a pm and ill do my best to answer them for u

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Re: Track Budget

Id say it depends a lot on you and the decisions you make as far as gear tires stuff to bring how many days you want to do ect.

For me gear is not something to save money on ever. I get the best shit I can afford (this is key, figure out whats realistic and what is necessary for you)

Tires, this depends on pace (your a novice so your good there for a while) and type of tire and maintenance (air pressure and suspension correct)

Stuff to bring, well some people are happy showing up with a bike and gear and just going at it. Others need coolers, canopy's, chairs, snacks, grill, tools, air tanks, gas cans, spare parts, ect. Figure out what you will be comfortable with and without.

How many days, if your strictly budget restrained then you can afford the days you can afford lets say you have 800 bucks that is 4 days for you. But if you can say I want to do 6 days next year you can save up 1200 bucks and then have your 6 days.

What I spent this year (I may be mad about this later)

Gear: I got a new suit custom made 1200 bucks, had everything else but for your adding sake helmet 550 boots 450 gloves 250 back protector 150 ear plugs 60 that is what I paid for the stuff when I got it over the last few years.

Tires: 3 rear Pirelli SC2 180/55 1 rear Pirelli SC2 180/60 3 front Pirelli 120/70 Total after shipping one of the tires overnight was around 1150

Stuff to bring: I always have my trailer 600, with tools (about 2000 to 2500 but this is not normal I am a professional technician and I bring my tools from work to the track so this number is not usual to most people) cooler 50, tire changer I made (60 bucks in parts to make) canopy 100, gas can 30, chairs 20, air tank 30, grill 20, food and snacks (about 40 bucks), spare parts (clip on tube, foot pegs, grips, sliders about 150 to 200)

Days: I wanted to do 10 but this year I am thinking I am going to be at 7 or 8 due to unforseen expenses not motorcycle related. I have been 6 days this year already so far with the open days included thats about 1000 bucks.

Im not adding that up cause it will make me sick but you can feel free to and also understand that spending this much is my choice and option it is not required to do track days I choose to have all of this stuff and I am fine with it but looking at a whole number is hard to swallow.

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Re: Track Budget

heres my breakdown

sat/sun trackdays (prepurchaced with my discounts 310.00 for 2 days)
100.00 in gas getting to and from track
180 in hotel fees or 90 split
340.00 in gas for the bike for both days (avg 5 gallons per day)
35.00 food/water for the day x2
10.00 generator fuel both days
tires (power cups) 420.00 front/rear lasts 6 trackdays (6 rear/8 font)
oil changes for bike 50.00 every 4 trackdays
brake pads Vesrah RJL every season 100.00
race suit 1000.00
gauntlets 100.00
A* boots 150.00
back protector 150.00
A* shorts 50.00
underarmor 25.00 knock-offs

my advise, get a 2nd job or a sugga momma

2007 gsxr 600 track only fvck the street
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Re: Track Budget

It can be done as cheap as possible, or as expensive as you want to make it.

Even with sleeping in your vehicle, using pump gas, stretch tires (which i don't suggest), eating sammiches and drinking water out of the will cost you $500-$700 or so every weekend.

Track entry fees range from $200-$500 per weekend depending on the track.
Food/Drinks - $40-60 if you go easy.
Tires - ~$400 per set (divide up by how many weekends you will get out of them)
Fuel to the track and back plus the bike - $200-$500 depending on how far you have to travel.

That is about as cheap as you will get to the track and on it.

That doesnt count gear, parts, canopy, generator, fans, cooler, hotel room, etc.

If you are on a budget, my best advice would be to hook up with somebody local so yall can split the travel costs.

Personally, it all depends on how far it is and if i am riding, coaching, racing and if my fiance is riding also. It will vary between $1,200 and $2,500 per weekend.

Chris Broome
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Re: Track Budget

I did 18 track days this year and don't ride the roads anymore. I figure higher than lower at about 500 per day including everything.
trackday 200
fuel trip/ track 200
hotel 0 (sleep in my van)
food 50
other stuff 50

Lots of money goes to tires, brake pads, brake fluid, chain lubes, brake cleaner and all other disposable.
Seems alot but 18 days is 4 rears and 2 fronts.
20 lt semi synthetic oil
8 oil filters
2 sets brembo brake pads
1lt. srf brake fluid
700 lt fuel @ 2 euros liter 1400 euros or 1800 US dollars

Most of my tracks are 5 hour drives like Hockenheim, Magny Cours, Le Mans, Mugello ( 8 hours), Paul Ricard, Spa (9 hours), Cataluyna ( 8 hours), Dijon, Bresse.
It's the fuel prices here that's a killer at 9 US dollars a gallon but I save on hotels as I sleep in back of my van and eat camping style on track.

As for gear I bought the best and second hand. There are loads of guys who buy top quality gear use it a couple of times and never ride again so flog it off at stupid cheap prices.

18 track days at 500 is 9000 Swiss francs( roughly the same 1 to 1 as dollar)
All other exspenses including constant paying for bike bits, tires, van upkeep, camping equipment for van, mobile fridges, just alot of shit is a season's worth of 12-15 k franc/dollars including track time.
To me 12 to 15k for a hardcore addiction like track days is do-able and keeps my wife within her comfort zone. But in saying that one big crash can explode any good budget.

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Re: Track Budget

You might need more than 1000 for 4 track days, but I don't know how close you are.. I know I would easily spend $700 for a weekend at a close track going as cheap as possible after paying for the days, entry fees, gas, food/drinks, and tires. But I also wear through rear tires abnormally fast. Bring at least a couple chairs and a cooler and ideally a tent or something for shade. Tools and spare parts like levers, clipons, and zipties are great if you don't have any already. I'd also recommend bringing extra fluids (safety wire, tools, oils, lubes, cleaners, etc in case something happens, blue glue for making a gasket on the spot, and even some JB weld can be useful. You might lay it down on a saturday but it could still be fixable so you could finish up your weekend.
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Re: Track Budget

thanks all
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Re: Track Budget

It varies by person. My main track was only an hour and a half away so no sleeping overnight anywhere. Here was my rundown a few years ago:
averaged 1 td a month
150-200 td fee
100 in fuel
30 food

I changed oil every 3-4 days
changed tires every 3 days. I was buying used power race soft from racers for 150 a set installed.

Definitely buy used gear. You'll save alot of money here.
Something I haven't seen someone say yet is to have some money for spare parts. I had a box of spare clipons, levers, pegs, and a few other things I took with me everyday.

Total an average one trackday would easily cost me $400. Thats if I didn't crash and bust some parts off.

Currently rebuilding a wrecked salvage 06 GSXR-600 for track duty. FINISHED
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Trackdays out here range from $125-$185 (on the tracks I frequent). I was only able to do 5 this past season. F-ing gas prices in CA suck ass!!! I'd do more days but that shit adds up and I got a few other bikes to ride/maintain. I got a nice suit from STG for $700. They always have good deals. Tire costs suck. However, I'm a slow mofo so a set of B-stone 003's can get me quite a few days.

Get hooked in with some other guys and you can split garage/food it's wayyyy more fun .

I'm constantly torn b/c I love riding my xr400 too....dirt is damn fun and much cheaper!

Have fun man!

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