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Some people's children...

So I just had an entertaining conversation with an acquaintance...

I'll post up the conversation in its entirety when I get some time. Goes something like this.

Dude reaches out to me looking for someone to swap a frame and adjust the valves on his 97 CBr 1100xx blackbird. He skipped it down the road last year and damaged the frame. He proceeds to tell me it blows flames out the pipe when free revving it to 10k. I told him he's probably just pushing raw fuel into the exhaust, asked him if it does it under load. No answer. He tells me he's running 110 octane in it. Which I tell him he's crazy. 11:1 ratio btw. Then goes on to say he took it to the local dealer to get it dyno tuned. Told them he wanted all the power they could get. According to him they advanced the timing 12 fucking degrees and dyno tuned it running race fuel. This bike is carbed also. Wtf??

He said if he doesn't run race fuel, the plugs foul and it won't start. Sounds like a perfect reason to run race fuel right?!

I told him he can't just do all that shit without major motor work, and that he probably just has a carb issue.

I told him I could fix it, but it would be taking the timing back to MAYBE 5 degrees advanced, run regular fuel, and jet the carbs to match the modifications. I told him if he wanted more juice, he's gunna have to do some cam/head work and that he's lucky he hasn't blown it up yet.

Jesus fuck. What is wrong with people nowadays? Some people just can't be trusted with a wrench.

I'm glad i had this conversation with him for two reasons. I'm probably about to make some money, and I was planning on taking my baby there to get tuned as its the nearest dyno. FUCK THAT
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That's "Mr. Chalet" to you...
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Re: Some people's children...

Why doesn't he just buy a much faster bike for less $$$ than all the above bullshit on a 20 year old boat anchor? Blackbirds were cool in the day but....
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Re: Some people's children...

You litterally took the words right out of my mouth.
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Re: Some people's children...

The conversation. Im the text in Red.

You know anyone who can change a frame out and adjust the valves on my bike at a decent price?

What kind of bike?

97 cbr1100xx

Oh shit, I didn't realize you still had that.

Won't get rid of my black bird unless I find a fi black bird nothing else like it
Best all around bike I have ever been on

Why do you need a new frame?

Accident last summer payed it down under the side of a lady's car that pulled in front of me on Fenton Rd bike went under the car I went over at 85 half dollar size hole in frame
And I want to be able to put my plastics I bought back on it
I have the new frame

Jesus. Lol I could do the valves but I dunno if I got the time to do a frame swap. I'm a busy fucker.

How much to adjust the valves
I'll have cash at 9am when my bank opens

I'm not really even sure what the going rate is for that kinda stuff. I'm actually in the process of doing valves on my bike right now. I'm hoping to have it done tonight.


Will do.

I think that's what I need recently started blowing flame out the exhaust around 10 grand
Only does it getting in to it on the high side or if you free rev it

Does it do it in gear? It's probably just unburned fuel making it into the exhaust

Never had the issue until it started getting cold their is 18000 on the bike
You around want to burn one?

I'm at work. 70 miles away. Lol

Lol hmu when you get around if you wanna burn one it also only does it with 110oct won't do it with 91 so idk

110 Oct? Whoa that's awfully high.

It is even worse with mr12

Because it's not high enough compression to run that kind of fuel. You're going to damage the engine.

If I put the cheap gas in it it don't run right
Has trouble starting
And fouls plugs fast

Yah that bike has 11:1 compression ratio it should only run premium at best. Actually it should be migrate 86/87 Oct. It sounds like ur running rich as he'll. The carbs probably need serviced. The higher octane requires higher compression to fire right

My timing is 12 deg advanced
That was one of the things they did when they dyno tuned it
Idk if that makes a difference

Wtf?! Jesus Christ

Couple of ppl have said that is my issue with cold starts

That's not fuel injected correct? Who tuned it?

Ray c in Lapeer I told them I wanted to get the most out of it I could
No it is a carb bike

12 degrees is stupid. I'm surprised it even runs.

Just turns over a bit be it will start when it is warm and don't start when cold unless I bring it in the house for a few hours
B4 it
I just know what they told me it was dyno tuned with a mixture of mr12 and turbo bkue

You can't just add crazy octane race fuel and advance the fuck out of engine without doing major work to it. New cams, head work, theres a lot more to it than just advancing the fuck out of the timing and putting race fuel in it.
Fucking idiots.

That's good to know tho. I'll not be taking my bike there to get it tuned.
I had the fuel in it when I took it told them only thing I cared about was was numbers and performance didn't care about anything else

You can't just do that man. That's not how it works. Lol

They never advised against it
Only thing they said was to properly dyno tune it I need to get pair system by pass plates

I can fix it, but I won't be held responsible for making it pretend to be a race bike when it's not. Those types of modifications require major motor work. I don't support that type of dumbassery. I can't believe racy c's did that.

I can pull the timing back out of it my self where should it be at?Can run a little advanced can't i

4-5 degrees is the max

So if I do that am I going to have to have it re tuned?
Who do you recommend to tune it

Probably. You don't really NEED to "tune" it. It's carbed. All u gotta do is make sure the jetting matches the modifications.

The guy before me said it had some engine work but I don't know if I believe him because he had no paperwork but was the 1st owner I am the second
Only thing I did was took the junk two bros off and put d&d slip on on it

Yah, if it were me, I'd stop putting race fuel in it, set the timing back to MAYBE 5 degrees advanced. Adjust the jetting. Thay puts you back at a legitimate baseline


From there, you can adjust the gearing to increase take off at the expense of top end, or increase top speed with a slower whole shot. But those modifications alone are likely to fuck that motor right up.

Want top speed ordered a 19 tooth front sprocket and 44 rear tooth just waiting on it to come
It has 17 front and 47 rear right now


I don't care about quick I like to o fast I wanna top 200


My new tire is only rated for 167 tho so idk I was cheap this time

Yah, don't wanna run right outta your shoes!

**End Conversation**

Im a little leary about wrenching on this bike. I feel like its gunna turn out to be a can of worms. I suppose, its just a carbed bike. I could fix the jetting, fix the timing, and it potentially not be a big deal. OR, this fucking shitbox is gunna roll into my garage and never want to leave either. Im gunna have to think on it. Maybe do some research before I do anything. I could really use the money though. I could also do him kinda dirty and charge him 150/175 to just check the valves and not actually fix anything other than checking and more than likely adjusting the valves.

The part I hate about doing major work on a bike, is people always only got enough cash to pay for parts, or pay for labor. He pays me, hes gunna want me to use RTV instead of gaskets everywhere, then its gunna sit for two weeks till he gets another paycheck and the ordered parts show up in the mail cuz I aint playing that bullshit ass RTV game.

2007 GSXR 750
PC III, Quick Shift, Yosh TRC-d Full System

1981 gs550t
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That's "Mr. Chalet" to you...
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Re: Some people's children...

Anyone dumb enough to do all that shit and increase his gearing chasing after 200mph has a very high chance of actually dying. I wouldn't want to be associated in any way with that guy or bike.

Then there's the usual nickle and diming bullshit you listed.


Or just do his valves, take his money and throw a cup of sugar in his tank while it's at your place. You'll probably be saving him a shitload of money... and his life. Best service you could possibly provide the guy.
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Re: Some people's children...

He's reckless to say the least. And he have gone round and round on stuff like this. You'll see I didnt put much of a fight up with his 200 mph bullshit. Its because I cant say anything that I havent already said 10 times to him. The first time I ever addressed him, was on a facebook post. He is an old friend of my GF's family. Thats how our paths have crossed and notice, i dont mention him as a buddy. I dont much agree with any of the shit that comes out of his mouth. ANYWAY, the first time I talked to him, he threw the loud pipes saves lives shit out. Something along the lines of "you wouldnt have gotten into that accident on a harley". I tore him up pretty bad. My GF's sister actually had to step in and "seperate" us. Yah, not off to a great start. lol

2007 GSXR 750
PC III, Quick Shift, Yosh TRC-d Full System

1981 gs550t
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