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Re: Essential Knowledge

how about a "changing gears 101", also, downshifting while blipping the throttle is kinda tough, how about fraggle or someone write up something about all the basics of gear shifting (how to use the clutch, when to shift gears, downshifting smoothly, ect) ? please? =)
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Re: Essential Knowledge

What a great write up!!!!
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Damn your good!!

You are definetly one of the best informational writers on this website.

Keep up the great write ups

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Re: Essential Knowledge

wow both of those were great....first, i AM getting the sv650 haha, but im getting the sv650s with the front fairing...pretty sweet ass bike...but first i must check with the insurance, and ya i did ace my rider's training course, got the 2nd best score...the 1st best was a guy who;'s been riding for 30 years...ya im not going to be dumb trying to getting full gear, wearing it all the time...i get mad when i see people riding in shorts and a tank top, pisses me the F OFF! anyway...i am a newbie, but i think im a rather smart reading forums on this site everyday to gain knowledge and hinters (the reason y i changed my bike choice from a gixxer to an SV, gotta stick with suzuki u know!) i plan to ride like a lilttle BIATCH for the most part...practicing at my school's parking lot when no one is there..u know, stopping, turning (i need to work on low speed cornering but i kicked ass in weaving hehe) so that's about it right now, gotta go to work!
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Re: Essential Knowledge

I totally agree with rukus... In 2 days I am getting my bike, 04 GSXR 600, its my first bike, like everyone here says... the driver controls the throttle. I dont care about going fast as of yet. The majority of people get in a wreck on bikes in their first 6 months. I will worry about going fast after that.
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Speed doesn't always = crash!

Stay within YOUR limits!!! Not mine, his or hers, BUT YOURS! There is no right time limit or wrong time limit!!! Time will not make you ready for the world... only you control that! When you're new on your 600, you'll have good days ridding and mistake days ridding, but always stay within you limits or else your bike will be at the dealership more than you want. (mistakes I mean wide turns or a wobble) Graduate from the driveway to the parking lot to the NON-busy street and so on.... Same thing with speed. The throttle you need to respect. Expect the unexpected "bump" on the throttle, so you don't flip off the back of your bike!! It does happen.... I know of people that have gone backwards off the bike with it and without it! (neither looked like much fun!) Relax and enjoy! Respct the bike, respect the pavement, and watch out for the morons of the world! They took my friend and his bike.

Have fun and enjoy!! The new 600 is F-U-N!!!

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Re: Essential Knowledge

This is for the guy that wanted a bit of info. on downshifting etc.
Here is how I view it.

You've noticed that when you down shift that the revs go up and the bike seems to decelerate, and if you just dump the clutch instead of smoothly disengaging it the bike will feel like you just stabbed the brakes ( you might even chirp the rear tire too)? This deceleration/affect is called engine braking, which I won't get into. I'm sure you can find a good explanation elsewhere.

Well, the idea behind blipping the throttle is to get the revs up just enough that when you use the clutch you won't get very much engine braking. You will still get engine braking (after fully disengaging the clutch), but it should feel more like when you stay in the same gear high up the rev range and roll off the throttle. Now don't go and bang off three downshifts! You'll be over the bars!

Basically, blip (the amount is different per bike. You'll just have to figure it out on your bike) the throttle and snap off a quick, but controlled downshift.

Let's say, you have to downshift a total of three gears. If you do the downshifting properly for each gear, you should experience a relatively linear deceleration (engine braking) with the strongest deceleration happening right after the downshift and the weakest right before the next downshift.

So in summary, downshifting is the art of stringing together, as smoothly as possible, the deceleration each gear has to offer.

Downshifting is usually used in concert with braking, and is most effective (and the most fun ) when your blazin'.

Your going to have to just practice to get it right. Just go to a parking lot and try third to second downshifts, as I always find first a bitch with it's higher gear ratio. You don't have to be going fast to get the idea.

Good luck!
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Hello All, I'm new to this site. Getting a Gix 1k next week and yes I've been rideing for a long time.

Thought I would make a note.
Ok about going down.
You ever here the saying, "there are two kinds of riders, Those that have been down, and those that will go down?"
It's totally totally TRUE!!!! I've been on dirtbikes sense I was 5. And I've been on street for a few years. I've crashed just about everything that I've been on, it's only a matter of time.

Little story might help.
I started rideing street on my dads late 80's model Yamaha 550. I was 16 we went on rides with eachother, he was on another bike. This taught me the most by far. I could learn from what he was doing and I never felt pressured to, "look cool, or show off." After a few months of rideing that "old girl" around I looked for a bike of my own. I grabbed a 1992 Seca ll. Yea not a fast bike not a great looking bike. But only cost me just over a thousand bucks. I took that thing everywhere. If I had free time I was rideing putting hundreds of miles on it a day for weeks. Great time no doubt. Well my buddies at school at first laughed but then got jealous of me haveing a ride. So my good friend got his parents to buy him one. A 98 F4i(honda cbr600). By this time I had laid my bike down once already. The tires were cold and I didn't know this ment big trouble turning into the parking lot at school. So my friend proclaimed that he had much more self control then me and would never crash his bike. "I'm just not stupid enough to go down." I laughed when he said that but let him know how much I wished he was right. Well one day we decided to ditch school and hit the road. He had been rideing his bike for about 2-3 weeks. The whole time he was totally careful. He took his time and let me give him some pointers. Well that day we were rideing out of his neighborhood. He had begun to get a little more dareing on his ride. So going around the bend we really start to wrap things up. I get in front of him and poor the sauce on my not so fast bike. He does the same. I see around the corner a couple cones so I lay off the gas and allow him to pass.

The road is a two lane residential and the right lane had been cut off due to a moveing truck. I wached as my friend paniced. We had plenty of room to stop and or make the turn with no problem. Well he forgot what he was doing. Left hand turn and I see him sit straight up on the bike then try and pull the handlebars to the left. WOOPS!!! Thats not how we turn. The bike doesn't react right so he gives it some gas. Woops again!!! now he's headed straight for the curb doin about 40mph. He locks up the rear wheel but doesn't apply front breaks. It slows him alot, probably to 20 or less but he still hit the curb. Scratched up his pretty bike. And I about pissed myself laughing as we picked it up and inspected the damage.

So please don't say things like, "I have no plans to go fast." It's all a bunch of newbie BLAH BLAH!! Your are getting the race car of motorcycles. After you get comfortable you will think your ready. The key is to actually be ready.

Something I was told by my father along time ago helps me greatly. Before you go to bed at night think about a skill you need to work on, or think about something that is not normal about rideing, for example the fact that you turn the wheel the opposite direction of the turn. Now lay in bed and play it over and over in your head. Think of it in detail. How the clutch is feeling, how much gas you are giveing it, how the road looks, and what you hear. Then think of something jumping into the road. Whatever you want it to be, a ball a truck a kid anything. Then think about what you have to do to avoid it. You must pick your dirrection and make the bike follow that path. Do not concentrate on the object. Target fixation is a great trick your mind likes to play to get you to hit what you are looking at. So make mental notes of everything that you are going to be doing.

This has helped me because when something happens and my mind freaks out, my reflexes are to do the right things not the wrong ones.

Sorry if what I am saying is out of place but these things have worked for me. Hopefully they help out someone and save a life! Or maybe just some pride.

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Re: Essential Knowledge

On the story of Bullet Bike Guy

That is what just about every newbee needs to read.That was COMPLEATY in line with the mind of a new rider.Myself included! I have been riding for about 8 years on the road and about 6 more in the dirt.The fact that you see others doing all these tricks and things of that natuer makes people think they can do the same.It's easy to watch the X games and think its all childs play.When in reality its not.The years put into riding (riding right)dictate the rank of your skill not what you have seen.Everyone should have some one as good a mentor as you have in your father.I am now a father of 2 so I respect the lessons he has taught you,and will use them myself.I learned the same way.Picture what is going to happen before it does.You dont even have to be on a bike to do this eaither.I just wish more people understood this before they went out and bought the new !000,900,or even the 600 class sportbike.Great post
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Hi, I just enrolled in a MSF course for this summer, and i plan on reading most of what is on this board to get a sense of what to expect. I'm already looking at gears, and most definately will get the gears, they are freaking cool!!

but seriously, i thank all of the expert riders for the pointers. I am typically a wuss and i doubt i will ever push my limits, but who knows, i have done stupid things in the past. I originally wanted to go for a gsx r600, but after reading all of this, i am going to wait until my MSF course if over to make a decision.

thank you.
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Re: Essential Knowledge

I am sorry, I totally agree with EVERYTHING that you say in this post, BUT....

it's just that the grammar and spelling is so bad that once I got to the part that says "If you can not count to 5/6 forward and back sell the bike, you are to stupid to ride! AND PLEASE DO NOT BREED!" I laughed and questioned the poster's own intelligence.

Please don't take offense, but if you are trying to come across as knowledgeable source and a good influence for new riders I would higly recommend that you clean up your writing, even for something as informal as this so that you, yourself, don't come across as being too stupid to take advice from (which obviously is not the case, however, your writing says otherwise).

Anyway, great post, would be better without the typos and crap every 2 words though.

Just my 2 cents....

Rob L
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Re: Essential Knowledge

I've seen bad accidents and had a skin changing one also. I rode without a helmet and its pretty tough when its windy. I always wear my gear now since i just cant risk it. It also keeps me feeling safe. Gear is better than no gear. As a newbie, gear should be worn all the time. Its a bit expensive but well worth it.
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post #33 of 98 (permalink) Old 06-30-2004, 11:42 AM
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Re: Essential Knowledge

I just signed up for a MSF class, and I have been wanting to get my motorcycle license for the last few years. I really appreciate the info on gear and riding here. I am reading manuals and all sorts of beginner bike books/forums to get ready for it. I have had enough road rash from skateboards and bicycle wrecks to know that the right gear is a must. Thanks for the info. I'll be reading the boards.
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Enjoy the MSF class and have fun riding!! Rash is no fun, so I'm glad you're already talking about gear! It's hot in the summer, but it beats skin graphs by a million times!!

Be safe!!

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Re: Essential Knowledge

thanx man... I jus baught my Gsx600 and prolly gunna go to a school or somthing.. but for practice i will definitly count the hours im on the bike...
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Re: Essential Knowledge

how about a "changing gears 101", also, downshifting while blipping the throttle is kinda tough, how about fraggle or someone write up something about all the basics of gear shifting (how to use the clutch, when to shift gears, downshifting smoothly, ect) ? please? =)

could someone do this? :-) i too am signed up for MSF in early March and will have my bike fixed by then and want to soak up this webiste as much as possible till then. Your pictures of road rash and noob stories almost made me sell the bike before I got on! thanks for all the post guys they really do help...
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post #37 of 98 (permalink) Old 12-16-2004, 04:33 AM
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Good post. I'm a newbie myself (10 months) and this is some good advice. I finally got my suit ready for the track. Just trying to learn some insights from experienced riders....
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Good post bro
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Re: Essential Knowledge

hey im a newbie a guess. i am twenty four and i recently sold my first bike. about two years ago i bought a 89 katana from my friend for 150 bucks. he was leaving for iraq and his father wanted to get it out of the garage. well before he sold it to me he taught me the basics of riding and then i took the msf course. since he taught me the basics i handled it alright and didnt find anything too difficult. i definitely found the entire course to be an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. i have never been one to push it too much and have never dumped the bike so far. i just sold it about a month ago and i am looking to get a newer bike. i have always wore the right gear and practiced driving within my limits. anyway, i am in love with the gsxr's and i am heavily looking at gettin a 600, nothing more however. i am a very comfortable rider who is braced for the problems that may arise. i do not claim to be an expert and i definitely have alot to learn, i was just wondering if after two years of riding a katana 600, if a change to a gsxr 600 would be an alright decision? also, how much difference will there be between the two bikes?
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Re: Essential Knowledge

Whow RUKUS that was some manual.. , great read.
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